Doppler PDX promotes dialog around installations and work that is created from experimental processes. Doppler PDX encourages artists to tread lightly outside their comfort zone to create site specific and experimental works.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Our First Show

Thank you all for supporting our first show "just some experiments" at doppler pdx! We had a fantastic turnout and we really enjoyed talking with everyone! Our first show was an experimental print exchange between Stephanie Marinone and Derek Faust (co-owners of doppler pdx). We each made a wood cut (printing plate) and proceeded to print a series of 12 each. We then traded 6 of those prints to conduct a series of experiments with them.

The rules where simple:

Create pieces by the following

-Manipulate your own print

-hybridize 50/50 of each others print

-put a print in "motion"

Check out our pictures from the show! Thanks again for the wonderful turnout!

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