Doppler PDX promotes dialog around installations and work that is created from experimental processes. Doppler PDX encourages artists to tread lightly outside their comfort zone to create site specific and experimental works.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


by Holly A. Senn

Artist Reception: First Thursday, May 6, 5:30-9pm
Meet the Artist: First Saturday, May 8, 1-4 pm

Hours: Saturdays 1-4pm or By Appointment.

Outside Doppler PDX the Everett Street landscape is almost completely covered by hardscape, save for a few trees that, in turn, provide cover. The environment reminds me that covers conceal and cloak as well as embrace and include. In response, I’ve created a landscape inside that juxtaposes the exterior visible elements of binding and protection with more elusive interior elements such as memory, discovery, and escape.

I create sculptures and installations in which I explore the life cycle of ideas—the organic, non-linear process in which thoughts have a genesis and then are disseminated, adopted or refuted, forgotten or referenced. My art investigations are inextricably intertwined with my work as a virtual reference librarian at Pacific Lutheran University where, while surrounded by books, I interact with patrons who prefer digital resources. Environments are important to my process; I take inspiration from both my ongoing examination of botanical forms and the location surrounding exhibition spaces. As I cut, rip, realign and glue, I reflect on each new generations’ collective erasure of some element of the past and its casting of new ideas into the future. My work is as ephemeral and fleeting as ideas committed to paper.
-Holly A. Senn

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