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Saturday, July 3, 2010


To view a video of Passage by Ben Stagl Please Click the Link.


Ben Stagl


625 NW Everett Street #109

Everett Station Lofts

Portland, Oregon 97209

July 1-10 2010 and by appointment
Opening Reception: July 1st 5:30-9:00pm
Gallery Hours: Saturdays (July 3&10) 1-4pm

PASSAGE references the constructed world to contemplate themes of barriers and transcendence, treating known edifices in our city as sculpture. Images of Portland’s urban landscape are combined with other recognizable man made structures using light, reflection and shadow-play to bridge the gap between the virtual and the physical object.

The digitally animated models are derived from pre-existing structures downloaded from Google Earth. They are then distorted, unfolded and mashed-up to retain only impressions of their source materials. The resulting propositional objects are rendered as animations and used as loose diagrams to inform both the creation of the physical sculptures as well as light based distortions of the tangible works.

This process constantly moves between digital and formed iterations; the concept transitions first from the real world to the digital representation of the real world, then back into a tactile expression of the object.
Structures in the built world inherently possess a history of drawing and design in addition to social and political functions established prior to their physical presence. My process of distortion and reinvention extracts and explores those histories, many of which reference original cast iron facades and architectural accents of Old Town Portland.

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